Departure checklist

Here is a checklist of preparations
you may need to make before you leave

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You must have

● Letter of Offer from the school/institution
● Passport
● Other official identification such as driver’s license, national ID card
● Cash, credit card
● Receipts for payment of fees and accommodation
● Laptop computer if needed for your course
● Electrical plug or adaptor for Australia/New Zealand
● Medication prescribed by your doctor. (You may need to check whether it is readily)
● available in New Zealand, and whether you can legally bring it with you.)

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You should probably have

● Photos of family and home
● Small gifts from your country for your new international friends
● National outfit or costume (if you have one)
● Laptop computer
● Cell phone with roaming access (or able to accept NZ SIM card)

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You might need to have

● Originals of academic transcripts
● Medical records etc

What not to bring!

Restricted and banned items

Because New Zealand is an island nation we are lucky to be free of many of the world’s serious pests and diseases, and we try hard to prevent them arriving here. But pests and diseases can be brought into New Zealand in your baggage, and can pose a serious threat to New Zealand’s agriculture and environment. So, it is best not to bring any food, animals or animal products, plants or parts of plants with you. Not all of these are prohibited, but it’s easier for you not to bring them. Some items – such as meat, fruit and honey – are never allowed at all.
Banned items include illegal drugs, pornography, and products from endangered species. We are also free of snakes, dangerous and poisonous animals and insects

Pets – leave them at home

Pets – leave them at home

It’s an expensive and lengthy process to bring cats, dogs or other pets into New Zealand, often
taking more than six months. Only people who are planning to live permanently in New Zealand
should consider bringing their pets with them.

Code of Practice

The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021
makes sure that tertiary and international learners enrolled with New Zealand education
providers are safe and supported